Selecting Your Ideal Countertop Material

Selecting something as simple as a countertop can feel both overwhelming and exciting. There are so many beautiful materials and colors to choose from, but understanding the differences between materials, how they function, and the care they require is instrumental and ensuring you select just the right kind for your home.

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The industry standard has historically been centered around granite. Its cost has come down over the years and with the perfection of engineered stone, is now available in thousands of colors and patterns. It is an extremely strong and heat-resistant materials, adding a realistic value to homes with minimal maintenance!

Some of the stone is porous though, and can require a bit of care to prevent stains, especially in a kitchen.


I love soapstone! It has an antique, historical feel, but is most appropriate in certain styles of kitchens. It typically has a dark gray, slightly green rich color and is somewhat stain resistant and fairly impervious to heat. Treating it with a bit of mineral oil may help darken the color a bit over time.

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Personally speaking, my home has marble. It is another natural stone that is exceptionally beautiful with unique veining and a clean look. Because of cost and demand, it can add real estate value to your kitchen or bathroom. Marble is found in most European homes because of its availability and functionality. But, it is rather porous so be wary of scratching.


If you’re looking specifically for a white countertop, I often encourage clients to consider quartz. This manufactured materials, or rather engineered as it’s called, can be custom fabricated in any size, shape and is easier to maintain again stains and heat, compared to other popular materials.

Butcher Block

One of my absolute favorites! Be ready though to care for this very porous materials, but it is timeless and a classic if you love to cook!

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