3 Quick Tips for Choosing Color in Your Home

When it comes to choosing color, I always start by analyzing the current belongings and favorite materials of clients. If someone loves neutrals, such as grays, whites and creams, I might choose to pair these shades with a high contrasting color such as black.

In the MF Bowen home, we chose a black ceiling to complement the neutrals preferred by the owners! Neutrals go very well with bold colors, but also with organic textures such as brick or burlap or grass cloth wall coverings.

1. Create a Base of Neutrals

Doing so will give some breathing room to pops of color. Choosing neutrals as a base, such as what I did in my home, will allow you to design a room around accent pieces containing bright colors, or perhaps a specific piece of artwork you love.

2. Create Balance with Pops of Color

In my home, I choose to keep the perimeter in a series of neutral gray and white colors, with a very light blue for the ceiling and a deep, honey color for the floor. Throughout the home are pops of color such as our turquoise island, selected pieces of artwork with bright colors such as red, a dark grey sectional, and even orange cabinet door knobs.

3. Focus on Your Favorites First

Choose the items you adore the most, and design a room or your home around those items. It will create a balance, but also ensures you fill your home with only the selected pieces you love the most!